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About Us

We pride ourselves on building long haul associations with our customers, attempting to enable them to accomplish their business objectives.

  • We Are Loyal to Our Core Values
  • We Build Strong Relationships
  • We Are Quality Conscious
  • We Are Creative and Innovative

"The L Drive" establish a transparent communication bridge between Driving Schools and Learners.

Learner Features

Find the certified nearby driving school and track your classes daily.


Search nearby Driving Schools around you based on your location or pin-code


Choose the best experienced and certified Driving Schools with profiles and contact details as per the location.


Join the selected driving schools and get login credentials.


Track your daily classes, payments and performance within the app.


Driving School Features


The daily process to run a driving school was very complex. By digitalization of the daily process makes owners more flexible and ease of use to track learners, instructors, attendance, payments, expennditures e.t.c

Daily Attendance

To capture and enrol daily attendance of learners and instructors was too complex. But we provide a very simple attendance modules where the classes of learners can be tracked on fingertips.


Quick view of payment details like pending payments from learners makes more easy to follow up. It also enables more free time to increase your business.


Accountability always results in business growth. Enter ans track your all daily expenses with mobile anytime and anywhere.

Employee Management

Enrolment and tracking employees daily attendance, payments, time table within the app provides you more sytamatic approach.

Add-On Services

Our futurestic Add-On features like driver search, Vehicle rents, RTO works and pick/drop services helps you to grow your business together.

Cloud Reports

Allpayments, expenditures, attendance, K.M readings, e.t.c can be tracked from both mobile and web application.

Business Enquiries

Based on location search, all the enquiries within location will reaches you instantly.

Business Growth

We not only provide you the application and make you comfort but also helps you in generates more business by sharing all the enquiries.

Portable Business

Even you change your business location, no need to Worry! Our app gives youu flexibility to update your address with location to ensure your business growth with simple updations.


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